T.ba is very much influenced by the cultural heritage of its founders, the sisters Lopez de Carrizosa.

The cultural background of the family has been attached to horses since they settled in Jerez de la Frontera, a small town in the South of Spain in the thirteenth century. Indeed, the family estate “El Salto al Cielo” (in English: Jump to Heaven) was the place where the Monks of the Carthusian Order defined the characteristics of the majestic “Cartujano” horse breed.

All this mixed with the influence of the British wine producers that came to Jerez with their families in the nineteenth century.

They arrived with their traditions, fashion and way of life, which were absorbed and blended with the existing traditions, producing in this small part of Spain, a unique, dynamic and cosmopolitan social scene, a lifestyle.

The elegance of the equestrian world at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth, was very present in Jerez de la Frontera, developing here an intense social life and important events around equestrian sports; horse races, polo matches.

In fact, the first Polo Club in Europe was founded here in 1870, El Xerez Polo Club. The polo teams from Jerez with their elegant wives shined also in Deauville and Windsor seasons, and they brought with them back to Jerez the most exclusive fabrics, tweeds and fashion from the most fashionable places in Europe.

T.ba has recovered somehow the way of working at that time, adapting it in a very trendy and fashionable way. The sophisticated fabrics, exclusive tweed patterns, blended with yarns of hundreds different colours, unique buttons that resemble tiny jewels, colourful linings, old laces, trimmings…

In T.ba, there is a continuous research in vintage tailoring and pattern craftsmanship from the time when each piece was produced individually, with care, by artisans.

In its accessories, T.ba searches for the best craftsmanship process, selecting the finest leather pieces, being committed in always using the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

the creative director

T.ba is an aesthetic feeling, inspired by my heritage, my life, my soul.

It’s been built up step by step, trying to keep in every piece
both the spirit of the past and the future to become timeless.

Mercedes López de Carrizosa
Creative Director & Founder

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