Linen for Summer

Why use linen?

Summer is here and we all want to wear lighter fabrics. So today, we would like to explain why one of the key fabrics in is linen. Especially so for summer.

Tiziano short coat in linen

To us, it is one of the star materials of summer and ought to be in some of your investment pieces. Not only because of its elegance, comfort and freshness. Read on to see more reasons.

5 reasons why you should use more linen

  1. Linen is a sustainable fabric. Linen is a totally natural fabric, made from vegetable fibers. It is biodegradable and recyclable.
  2. Linen is very resistant. Even up to 3 times more than cotton. So if you are looking for clothes that can stand the test of time, you already know what material it has to be made of.
  3. Linen is light. And this translates into comfort and freshness. Thus it is the best option for high temperatures.
  4. Linen is breathable, absorbent and cool. Yet more reason for the warmer summer days.
  5. Linen is a timeless fabric. As the years go by, whatever happens, people will still use it.

A few linen models from

Now, are already looking for linen clothes to build your perfect wardrobe? Please have a look at’s models in linen and make a list of what you want to invest in.

Tiziano Jacket Lux in linen
Pavlova Skirt in linen
Hacking Jacket in blush linen

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