A Glimpse Inside

Please have a glimpse inside the T.ba shops in London. We are proud of our shops. Each one is an individually designed microcosmos of T.ba.

Welcome to our universe

London Mayfair
54 South Molton St., London

Hand-made luxury goods

From fine hats to beautiful boots, here you can find accessories that will last you a lifetime. And, everything is hand-made with care in Spain.

London Chelsea
261 Pavilion Road, London

Cute Gifts

With the holiday season coming up, we have many gift suggestions. Come by to discover our stylish selection of goods that you can give away or keep to yourself.

Unique Clothes for Unique People

The best with the shops still, is the opportunity to see, feel and try on the designs, fabrics and colours of the unique T.ba clothes. While you are here, let yourself be inspired by the chic styling and endless combinations proposed in the stores.

For the customers who cannot visit us in London or Madrid, there is also the online store, the one which is always open!

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