A Look to Love by Eugenia Osborne

Eugenia Osborne has an enviable sense of style. We are so thrilled that one of her go-to brands is T.ba. Here, we share a look to love that she used earlier this spring. The look is a fine example for what you can put on to simply be chic and classic.

@Eugenia Osborne in @tbalife

Eugenia Osborne

Eugenia Osborne is a psychologist, mother of three and one of the most famous it girls in Spain. She is born in Jerez de la Frontera, the same place as the origin of T.ba. And her playfulness and good taste make her create the most elegant looks. This day, a fun day in the countryside, she is wearing a total T.ba look.

A look to love

@tbalife total look

Medallion coat

The outfit shows the full effect of the long Medallion coat in soft luxurious tweed. Trimmed in black velvet and with the gold brooch detailing, the coat is an investment piece that you can buy now and keep forever.

Rania white shirt

The essentials that go with everything.. Eugenia wears a white shirt like the Rania white shirt in cupro. The fabric is very beautiful and soft against the skin, thus perfect for layering.

T.ba boots

The black tall boots are T.ba classics. This model is called hipica and it is an English field boot in leather and suede.

It has with a nice velvet ribbon, but you can also change the ribbons. Thus, you change the look of the boot. Check this video out to learn the trick how to lace English field riding boots.


T.ba hat

There are many good reasons to wear a hat, but we can think of no better than the fabulous example of Eugenia Osborne in this look. T.ba has a variety of hats for all seasons in the shops.

Mini bag

The bag of Eugenia’s choice is the Dik Dik bag, a little gem in black leather and fur with plenty of character.

@tbalife Dik Dik Bag

A look to love by Eugenia Osborne is a fine example of the luxurious countryside chic for which T.ba is famous.

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