A Seasonal Must-Have

A few years ago, every woman wore one around her neck. But then, they were put away. What are we talking about? The choker obviously! An accessory with an endless amount of styling options. Nevertheless, lately they have shyly sneaked back into the coolest outfits to become a summer essential. Again, the choker is one of our favorite accessories, especially for a special occasion.

Chokers are an ideal complement if you want to give a touch of personality to your look.

At T.ba we have several models to choose among. How about this choker with a lace body and long chains?

Wear yours with dresses, tops or a pronounced v-neck!


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Dear Rachel, I apologize for the late response. Please contact sales@tbalife.com for enquiries about the choker. Good luck! Thank you for your message and interest in T.ba. All the best, Ane (blog)

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