A Special Thank You Note


To smell the aroma of a bouquet of flowers, the gift from a bride, when entering our atelier. This puts a big smile on our faces.

Then, to exchange a heartfelt hug, at the last dress rehearsal, holding back tears of emotion. To see her dance with her eyes closed, holding her father in their last waltz together on her wedding day.

Also, to receive a sincere look of satisfaction from the seamstresses and artisans. These are the ones who, after many hours of care, dedication and precision, have given life to an idea that, at first, was a fantasy.

And, to turn off the sewing machines and put away the pins, embroideries and textiles every night. To do this, knowing that, the next morning, they will be our work companions again.

All this gives us goosebumps.

The wedding of Virginia. Photo rights by Casilda se Casa.

To and for you, from us

Mercedes Prado, daughter and sister of the designers of the brand, had a dream to say yes in a dress made by her family. This was how, a few months later, a new project came alive in our showroom in Lagasca, Madrid. From the beginning, the idea was clear: From us, to and for you, with much love.

Sol fitting her sister Mercedes.

Thank you for making me feel like the world’s most beautiful woman, on the most important day of my life.

These are the words written on the card we received from the first bride dressed in the brand T.ba Brides.  

The card confirms that we managed to transmit our creativity and craft into the wonderful bridal sphere. We did it, keeping the soul of T.ba. Always putting the same effort into details and always aiming for the highest quality.

This letter is dedicated to you: The source of our happiness and focus of our insatiable passion.

Detail, Mercedes’ dress.

The 7 ingredients of T.ba Brides

There are seven ingredients in our daily work with which we seal each dress we make.

Respect, vision, trust, admiration, complicity, calling and love.

T.ba Brides began as a vision that our designers, Mercedes López de Carrizosa and her daughter and successor, Sol Prado, had patiently kept deep in their hearts. An illusion waiting to be revealed at the right moment.

Today, the dream has come true. This allows us to strengthen the quality from which our house is nourished: A strong work ethic, governed by the highest quality of fabrics, a place where the power of craftsmanship and hand-made items reigns.

So, after these months of energy, love and joy, we can only say: Thank you for making us ENJOY this work so much.

Wedding of Virginia. Photo rights by Casilda se Casa.

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