A waistcoat to covet

Right now we have our heart set on the Medallion waistcoat. Let us share a few points on why this is a waistcoat to covet.

A total T.ba look with the Medallion waistcoat, jeans, jumper, Tzar belt, booties and hat from the brand.

A warming layer

For the transitional season, we can all need a little extra care and protection in the form of a comfortable layer that blends in with the rest of the outfit.

The Medallion waistcoat is made in 100% wool tweed and therefore provides unrivalled warmth. Also, the zip fastening makes it an ideal layer to use under and over other layers.

Countryside chic

The waistcoat key to the countryside lifestyle, and this one is the ideal garment for riding, hunting and hiking. The deep, large side pockets make room for gloves, your phone or gardening equipment.

The Medallion waistcoat come in grey and green tweed.

A feminine touch

At the moment, we like the waistcoat in a classic masculine styling with a feminine touch – such as the subtle velvet detailing here. Match the Medallion waistcoat with jeans and a hat for an elegant look.

The Medallion waistcoat in grey

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