Remember that you are air. Meditate. Communicate. Dance.

Air is the element for the ethereal, the intangible and the non-material – what we can only perceive with our imagination. It is the energy with which we can transmit our most pure ideas and art. Morgana short coat (to the left) and The Classic Coat to the right.

The Morgana coat comes in a long and a short model. The Morgana short coat is made in the ivory white sharkskin fabric. It has a clean and shapely silhouette which is shorter in the front than in the back. A slit opening in the back adds movement. It has ¾ sleeves and side pockets.

Styled with’s Buckle boots in beige, the outfit comes together. These boots are made in soft suede and they look very elegant with lighter fabrics and colours. Classic Coat and Morgana Coat

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