An equestrian outfit for the streets

We love Ana Vera’s equestrian look. Spanish influencer, Ana Vera has been a fashion addict since she was a child. Vera discovered the world of blogging at a very young age, and since then, this has been her career path. Now, she is one of the most recognised influencers in Spain and has a long list of followers on her inspirational Instagram account.

Ana Vera

Among the looks, the equestrian outfit above stands out. With a base made up of a white shirt and dark blue jeans, the look is given personality from several pieces: The equestrian-cut jacket, the long boots and a handbag that completes the outfit.

At, we have the clothes and accessories you need to create your own equestrian-inspired look.

The first thing you need is a dark jeans and our classic Rania white shirt. We all have a pair of jeans and a white shirt in our wardrobe, but with these two, you don’t look further.

Then, you should look for the accessories: the long boots, like these with buckles, and a clutch bag like the Ameba bag in the collage. Finally, the most prominent piece of all: the jacket. The Hacking Jacket Jerez is made of tweed and has a contrasting silk velvet collar. What do you think?

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