Beautiful Bougainvillea

Irrelevant of the year, time of the year and trends, the color bougainvillea is a steady favorite tone among best dressed guests. We are not surprised by this.

When certain colors or patterns repeatedly are taken to the podium, the first thing we ask ourselves is what makes it so special? Here, we will share some of the answers with you.

Monet dress from

An important reason to choose this tone, is its versatility. Being a dark, but intense color, it is suitable for a day time ceremony as well as for a night event. Furthermore, it is perfectly easy to adapt to the different seasons of the year as well.

In addition, its ability to be combined with other tones is a factor that makes you fall in love with this color. For example, if you want to get a formal look you can opt for gold, silver or black accessories. Whereas, if you want to sort a vital look, mustard, white, baby blue and green are all ideal.



The name bougainvillea comes from the beautiful flower with a cheerful look and bright colour. Many people have fallen in love with its appearance. A fun fact is that the flower planted around the house is considered a welcoming signal to guests. The bougainvillea is also considered a symbol of peace in some parts of the world.

The Perfect Bougainvillea Garment

So now, you might be looking forward to getting your hands on the ideal garment in this tonality. At, we are always looking to make you feel your best. This is why we could not resist creating dream dresses in bougainvillea this season.

The Monet dress is asymmetrical, vaporous, elegant, original … It has everything! has different dresses in similar tones now. The aubergine is a similar, but darker tone. For a black tie event, you can pair them with a hat, as seen below left. For cocktails or a party, team your outfit with a bohemian feathers belt, as below right.

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