Belts – Key Accessories for the Summer

With each season, the new trends move into our wardrobes. This summer, there have been several key items: sequins, hats, yellow, spaghetti straps … And, of course, the belts!

However, this year they are not only there to hold our pants. Now, they show up in their most aesthetic form: to decorate our outfits. belt with Mao large shirt

So, which is the most successful belt for summer 2019? The boho belt, made from fabrics in different colours and with beaded details. Use these months to put a bohemian touch to your outfits. belt and Rania shirt

In the’s stores or online store, you can find belts that are as elegant as they are bohemian. These are two distinct examples, but both perfect models to wear both daily and to a more special event – be it a party or a wedding because of the unique details.

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