Between the Lines

Summer and stripes go together as sun and the sea.
The navy trend has now reached the footwear. The joy of summer dressing is here. Read on for more inspiration.


Sailor stripes are of those timeless fashion staples that always resurface and always triumph. But yes, this year there is a novelty and that is that the sailor line trend has reached the footwear!

However, the trend has a long history in fashion. Let us tell you.

Coco Chanel


The origin of the navy stripes is in France as the French navy chose it as a pattern for its sailors in the mid 19th century, hence the name Breton stripes from the costal region of Brittony. The idea was that sailors who fell overboard would be easily spotted.

However, the one figure that represents the incorporation of this trend into the world of fashion is without a doubt Coco Chanel. She started to wear the pattern herself and used it in her own designs. For this or other reasons, sailor stripes will remain one of the timeless trends par excellence.


Sailor Stripes for Your Feet


If you want to triumph in sailor stripes this summer, make these wedge sandals by your choice. Although they may seem tall, the platform base takes centimeters off and makes them an ideal option for a normal day, as for a special occasion.

Elevate your look with any of’s sandal wedges. For example, the shoes can be an excellent detail that complements a look in neutral colours and airy silhouettes. The sandals are also a must for the summer luggage. To keep espadrilles wedges clean, use a soft brush or a hard sponge.

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