Beyond the Trends: Silk Organza for Summer

Whatever the occasion – to go to the office, to go out for dinner or for a special look for an event – an undeniable fact is that high temperatures “complicate” the task. Why? Because you don’t only have to think about what clothes you want to wear and how to style them, but also whether they are comfortable and cool enough to withstand the heat. So, today we bring you the solution.

All you need this summer is love and fluffy fabrics in your wardrobe!

It does not matter if you spend summer in the city with a dry climate or at sea with high humidity. Wherever you are, you will probably agree that the worst thing a garment can do for you these months is to stick to your body. Thus, the coolest items are the best and therefore we would like to show you our beautiful silk organza looks from our collection.

The organza has more benefits: It also adapts to any occasion and look. The more you use it, the more reasons you will have to buy it!

The Cloud Coat in smoke can be used to cover yourself on cool nights and to complement different looks. It also comes in the hue lead. Fly online to find it on sale.

Monet dresses in the colours bougainvillea and yellow – fluffy, cool and elegant.

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