Black and White – the Mix that Always Works

Black and white is synonymous with success as far as color combinations are concerned. The two are so antagonistic that they attract each other (a truth concerning many aspects of life). This is why we at suggest that you turn to this mix that always works to give your look a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Although you can use black and white in a casual way, a very interesting harmony is created when you apply it in more formal and structured garments.

A Perfect Harmony


We start with a very chic outfit by blogger Ezbaide G. Escoto. She is wearing white, straight pants with polka dots and a black top showing some shoulders that makes her look great. She has also chosen very simple golden accessories and a leather bag. With black and white, you can add neutral toned accessories or more colourful ones to great effect.

Although Chiara Ferragni normally is very daring and colorful in her choices, she cannot ignore this classic combination. We are inspired by this charming lace dress in black and white. The transparency gives it a romantic touch, and the hat adds immediate sophistication, would you not agree?

Right on Trend

As seen above, Ralph Lauren sent the models out in a 1920s Marlene Dietrich glamour look of black and white at this week’s New York Fashion Week. autumn winter 2019

To find a new item to rock the black and white look, please take a walk to the shops of We have garments to make infinite combinations and in lovely textures that make future classics.

For example the Sullavan jacket, made to please and stun with its nipped in waist.


With velvet details and sleek silhouette, the Sullavan jacket is pure casual elegance. To complete the look, we put on pants, a white shirt and a pair of velvet ballerinas: the perfect combination for a vintage look, and oh so trendy.

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