Channel your femininity with the bustier top

Fashion history

The bustier is a close-fitting, feminine top garment with origins dating long back into history as women have strived to obtain small waists. In sixteenth century Europe, it started to find its form that we cherish today. Formerly, women used it as an outer garment over blouses or shirts, not only as lingerie to define the silhouette and frame the waist. Today, we use it as a top, and this season, and now, it is one of the most successful trends.

How to wear the bustier with style?

The bustier top is a chic and elegant version of the cropped style. You can get a lot out of the bustier because it gives you endless possibilities. We tell share some ideas on how you can combine it and for which occasions.

With pants

A combination with pants might be our favourite option. For warm summer days, a dressy shorts is a variant. Because the bustier is a short garment, high-waisted pants is your greatest ally. For special occasions, to mix a bustier with palazzos or pleated pants is a nice solution. Without a doubt, this is an elegant and novel tandem. For more relaxed occasions, you can combine it with jeans as a top alone or on top of a white shirt as a vest. has a full set with garments in the same fabric and golden hue as the bustier to create a look full of chic sophistication. total look

With skirts

It also looks great with skirts. Certainly, we advise you to combine it with midi cut skirts to achieve a more harmonious look. This combination is perfect at parties and celebrations with high-heeled sandals, a clutch bag and discreet, but sophisticated earrings.

Bolero Tulle Bustier in pink

With a dress

This is an option suitable for the brave as we know that many consider it a risky mix. But if you are not afraid of innovation, we encourage you to cover the top of your dress (if it is sheer, even better) with a bustier. When to wear this combination? A good time would be when going out to dinner or to a party.’s Bolero Tulle Bustier

In sum, you can get a lot out of this garment. At we believe that you will love to wear the bolero top.’s Bolero Tulle Bustier is made of linen with a square neckline. It is gathered at the seam with a flattering structure and tulle straps. A beautiful, original and feminine model that we have in two colours: gold and pink.

Enjoy your summer in style!

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