Create Movement in Your Look with a Cape

Bourgeois and classic inspiration have made the trend of the cape surface again. Woven layers, hair, pleats and houndstooth print have come to the streets, covering the most original and innovative fashion experts. The cape came along without being expected. However, the good news is that we have detected it in time.

The Capes You Need

As with all trends, the strongest style is the one that endures season after season. So, we have saved you the task of searching. We leave you here the two most lasting styles.

The Fur Cape

There is nothing better than to face the cold with a garment like this. It is ideal for layering. Lady Addict is a big fan of hairy garments and every season she gives us some inspiration. This time, she wears a total look in black to give prominence to the fur cape in light tones.


At we already have a maxi version of the fur cape. This cape has a very sophisticated lining so that you can safely bring it to your most chic events… This is a classic garment that might replace your favourite coat.

Rubens Cape

A Fluid Layer

If you like light clothes, a fluid layer is great for you. Madame de Rose wears a pastel pink pleated cape that gives her military style a sweet touch. It also gives her a lot of movement, we love her look!


Madame de Rose and Ulyana Sergeenko are both experts in creating innovative outfits, mixing clothes that you would never imagine. They have given special attention to the cape. Ulyana Sergeenko matches denim and an elegant cape for maximum effect.

@Ulyana Sergeenko

If you are also looking for an elegant fabric, velvet is your best option.

Wear a velvet cape over a long-sleeved blouse and leather-effect pants and you’ll become the queen of street style.

Are you ready for winter season? Remember that at we have clothes and accessories that will help you make the most of it. You are welcome to our shops come and have a look!

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