Do you also like a tailored look?

If you like a tailored look, the easiest way to update your style is to go for a new vest.

The waistcoat trend

One of this year’s biggest trends has been the vest. We are not surprised. At all times, there are novel, matching and wonderful vests in our stores. We are certain the vest will also be popular for several seasons to come.

Gipsy vest

This short version with slim fit is made of 100% linen and comes in the happy hue bouganville pink. It has a closure of four buttons in the front and silk lining which is very comfortable for layering.

Gipsy Vest in Linen Bouganville

The styling possibilities are many. You can wear it over a t-shirt in combination with a pair of lighter baggy jeans. Or style it with a pair of matching suit trousers – and keep your arms bare.

The Gipsy vest with matching York pants.

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