Everyday Hero: The Vest

Do you have a vest? So many qualities are merged into the Vest. Let us tell you why we think it is an everyday hero.

This season, we have several new vests, and the first to arrive is this T.ba waistcoat in 100% wool. You can find it in T.ba’s shops and also online.

At T.ba, we believe in creating clothes that will bring out the your elegance, beauty and confidence. In short, to make you look your best!

T.ba also think it is important to design items that you can use daily, mix with your favourite pieces and create infinite looks.

The vest is such a piece. It will take you from work to a dinner, it is ideal for layering and perfect for any autumn or winter occasion. You can wear it under a jacket. And over a blouse, shirt or another everyday hero, the turtleneck, with a scarf or tie. Closed, open… The options are so many – from formal to casual styles!

Vests are interesting as they have a masculine origin. T.ba’s vests are cut in a feminine form, have silk details, beautiful buttons and elegant pockets. We suggest you bet on a vest this fall, and we guarantee you will not regret it.

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