For those with and without a garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

Audrey Hepburn
@tbalife is inspired by the out of doors. First and foremost, life in the countryside which is the most life giving nature in terms of food and free time. But then also, gardens and parks, which bring out some of the best cooperation between nature and humans.

During this Covid-19 time, we have not failed to notice the garden inspiration all around. So, today we would like to share inspirational examples of the great love for gardens.


The Focaccia garden trend

New York Times recently wrote about the Focaccia garden trend noting that: “In kitchens across the world, focaccia gardens are blooming“. The beautifully decorated focaccia have surged in social media. We find this particularly sweet as an example of people’s creativity and need for art and nature at all times.

To make your own Focaccia garden, use a flatbread and decorate it with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, long scallions, yellow and red peppers, kalamata olives, red onions and fresh herbs.. etc.!


Floral and fruit baths

Another great idea to do during me-time is to fill your bathtub with citrus fruit or flowers. Here, you can sink into your own personal floating garden. What do you think?



Elevated essentials from’s clothes will make you ready for any garden party in a second as they are tailored to enhance your elegance in all circumstances.

Also, when you venture out into your garden, we strongly advice you to use a hat. And what better idea than to wear your hat?

At, we always have unique, beautiful and hand-made hats for all kinds of occasions. Ready for you to try on very soon!

People with gardens say they find the time in their gardens more meaningful and soothing than ever. Hopefully, with all this gardening going on, we can all look forward to harvest parties in late summer. With our hats on!


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