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Are you looking for gift ideas? We have you covered

We are only a month away from Christmas and although it seems like there is still time, the days will pass quickly. Well, there’s no better reason to start thinking about gift ideas for your friend (or for yourself).

The gifts everyone wants

Giving a good gift is almost better than receiving it, right? Keep reading if you want to make someone very happy. We have five fabulous can’t-go-wrong gift ideas for you.

1. A shoulder bag with furry details

The Gypsy Bag is perfect for the person with a boho style or someone who simply appreciates a beautiful bag. This shoulder bag can also be used as a clutch and will elevate all looks.

2. A carry-all bag with a matching pouch’s Brown bag is a great gift because it is the kind of bag one can use for a lifetime. With the matching pouchette, this set will take your friend and her belongings everywhere. These exclusive bags come in three earthly tones, equally exquisite and versatile.

3. Necklace with chains and velvet

For the style icon, here is a highway to success. If you special friend loves fashion, she will know that velvet is en vogue. So, give her the amazing Rock necklace – with a mix of chains and pendants – as she’ll love it!

4. A choker

Chokers flatter the neck and give a touch of elegance to any type of outfit. Therefore, it is an excellent gift idea. Tell your friend on the card that the Da Vinci choker can be worn with everything from dresses to v-neck sweaters, and that it will be will be stunning with chiffon or silk blouses.

5. Leather belts

Leather belts are never out! Consider giving away a fabulous brown leather belt with a golden buckle. The Tzar belt in brown leather will become the protagonist of any outfit. And the lucky receiver will remember you each time she wears it.


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