Hats in XXL for Fall

Head into fall with maxi sized hats!

Big hats have made noise for several decades. We have seen all shapes and different brim sizes. However, this season, we see a revolutionary novelty: You can safely wear a XXL hat to give you all the attention you want to parties, events and also on the streets.

@Lady Gaga

Well-structured hats, with plush textures, have the optimal elegance to decorate your outfit. Especially so, if you add details such as volume changes on the wing, metallic applications and tall feathers.

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Not surprisingly, T.ba already has a large offer of classic and timeless hats for you. But at the same time, we match the trends with elegance and style.

The design reflects ancient aesthetics with the zeitgeist. This can be seen in the sobriety of the hat’s body combined with feather details to give it volume and sophistication. Consider the hat a leading piece at your next event!

Are you inspired to continue planning your autumnal look? Well, thus we leave you with more inspiration. Complement a hat with a semi transparent top, a velvet skirt for texture and a pair of boots without heels. Or, wear the XXL hat with heels, shirt dress and scarf, for example.

You decide!

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