How to Care for Your Boots?’s leather boots and shoes are make of excellent quality Spanish leather. We also tailor-make them to fit your calves and leg length. There are numerous ways to wear the boots.

When you take care of them, they will last you a lifetime. The best is that your boots will also improve over the years! Read on to see how to do it:

How to care for your boots?

  1. Clean the boots with a damp cloth or soft shoe brush.
  2. Condition them to soften the leather. Avoid soap or oil products as that can make them sag and crease more easily.
  3. Polish the boots with a cream polish to make the boots more shiny.
  4. Protect. You can use water protection.
  5. Store them well in a dry, dark place.
  6. Boot shapers or stuffing is a good idea to help keep the shape if you leave them for long. (Clean wine bottles and rolled-up magazines are easy hacks that work well!)
  7. Boot bags can also be used if you transport them to a riding or hunting event. boots well-kept @alcantaraecuestre

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