How to Make the Perfect Weekend Bag

Weekends during the fall are great moments to go out and disconnect. Do you already have a planned getaway?

For most of us, packing is not very tempting. But if you know how to do well, it doesn’t have to be a bore. Here are some tips to pack a weekend bag easy as that.

  • Start with making a list with everything you need for your planned activity, for example a day in the countryside. Also, check the weather forecast. Making a list is the best way to make sure you have the essentials and that you will not forget anything.
  • Bet on clothes natural hues and clean looks to go on a trip. This way, you can easily combine them. For example, a white look for a basis.
  • To make a difference, ally yourself with accessories, such as the Kazan belt, the Rock necklace or a cute shoulder bag for example. The accessories can be more striking and you can carry more since they take up less space.
  • Pack in layers with heavier, rolled items on the bottom and delicates on top. Plan to wear the biggest and thickest garments to save space in the bag. Stock up on mini beauty products and take them with you.
  • Finally, the best advice yet, is to invest in the weekend bag you want and need. One which is classic, durable and versatile is the best choice – both for you and the environment.

Beauty comes from within, yes. However, this time we have before us the exception that confirms the rule. These bags in earthly tones, made in leather have an unparalleled elegance.

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