How to Sleep Well

Sleep in a key to wellness. Sleeping is probably the best anxiety medicine, and the solution to many of our problems.

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Six pieces of advice for how to sleep well during the weekend

Chris Winter is the author of the book The Sleep Solution. The funny and well-documented book has helped sleepless people. Here are six pieces of advice for how to sleep well during the weekend:

  1. Don’t use the weekend to make up for lost sleep: “If you sleep in until noon, when you go to bed that night, your body still thinks it’s early and isn’t ready to power down,” explains Winter.
  2. Get in a hard workout on Sunday morning to help exhaust your body.
  3. Wear comfortable sleeping wear.
  4. Rearrange your Monday schedule so it’s less imposing—that way you’ll be able to ease into the week.
  5. No phone in your bedroom at night
  6. Follow a nice relax routine before going to bed: Exfoliate, use a face mask and put on a restorative cream that works while you rest.

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