How to Style: Bougainvillea

With Black accessories

Black accessories will never fail you. For a day wedding, do not hesitate to add a hat to your look as Sandra from Invitada Perfecta has done, along with a sandal and a clutch.

@Invitada Perfecta

If you don’t like to wear a hat, you can use another type of hair accessory that highlights your style. Estefanía de Miss Cavallier has included a wreath of various colors while she keeps the rest in black.

@Miss Cavallier

Experiment with Materials

By using the material of the accessories, you can turn your bougainvillea dress to suit your needs.

For the day, use raffia and shells, which are both very trendy of this season. Another option is a multicoloured bead bag, like the one in the photo below.

@Getty Images

For night, there is nothing better than jewel-like accessories, in hair pins or on sandals with thin straps. You can also use a fur on colder days.

You can combine bougainvillea with floral prints, stripes or animal print for a more risky and innovative result. Or use strong colors such as blues and greens to call for even more attention.

Accessories in bougainvillea


Give your look a pop with feathered bougainvillea earwear. To give prominence the earrings, you can put your hair up.


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How peaceful and lovely! I love bougainvillea (but it dies whenever I ve tried to grow it), love pink, love Audrey, and love the pictures on this site! Thank you!

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