How to Wear Sequins all Day

Oddly enough, sequins work very well during the day! While it is true that sequins and golden embellishments have been associated with nightly celebrations and events, if you know how to style these pieces well, they are also a nice option from the morning.

Years ago, such a shiny look might not have crossed our minds. However, fashion is advancing by leaps and one of the good news is that this gives us is the option to evolve too.

How to wear sequins daytime?

  • Combined with other casual garments and fabrics: If you want to wear a sequinned skirt, put on a white basic shirt or a good top for example.
  • With slippers: Another trick to tone down the glam aspect.
  • No big jewels: Do not steal shine from your sequins or make it too much.
  • With natural make-up: Leave the smoky eyes and eye-catching lips for another time.
  • Embroidered on garments: If you do not dare to carry a complete piece, go for designs that include sequins and embroidered ornaments. A coat, cape or kasaka with shiny details is great to wear with jeans.

Do you like the idea? At, we have many shiny and classy options this season. Have a look!

The Morgan Rock Kasaka, Morgan top and jeans.

The long Zoe Coat, Debby top, pants and Converse.

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