Italian Vibes

Inspirational Italian style

This summer we have to stay at home. But let us, for a minute, turn to the Italians. To channel those Italian vibes, we can also travel online, to find inspiration and dream ourselves away. For example, to this house in Venice..

Or we can actually plan to travel later on and invest in the perfect wardrobe to do so in.

Pavlova Top Lux

At this summer, we have many exquisite summer clothes in the most wonderful fabrics. For example the Pavlova Top Lux, seen below, in organza. Pavlova Top Lux

The top can be mixed and matched with a broad variety of other items. For example, the pants in linen and velvet heels seen here. total look: Pavlova Top Lux, Pants in Linen Sky Blue, heels

Sky Blue Linen Coats

With a long coat, the outfit is complete. The long coat and the pants are 100 % linen and in the tone sky blue.

These pants also match perfectly with the Tiziano short coat.

Holiday Magazine

If we go back to dreaming, the legendary Holiday Magazine’s edition on Capri helps us along.

Their issue on Capri is full of Italian style mixed with temperament and a 1960s optimistic feeling that is hard to not like. Don’t you agree?

@Holiday Magazine Kendall Jenner

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