Accessories. It’s the Little Things…

Invest now – wear forever

It’s the little things that make a difference. These selected accessories are special pieces that we are certain you will wear on repeat. Due to the quality of the fabrics and timeless design,’s accessories have a long lifetime.

We don’t support buying on an impulse. Rather, advocates investing in something that fits into your well-established wardrobe program. Some accessories are for summer, others – like these – are for ever.

Buckle Belt Brown

The belt is a key accessory simply because it brings a lot of personality and elegance to your look. There are belts for all occasions. The Buckle Belt can be worn everyday.

Give your look a lift

Pavlova Necklace

The connoisseur will know that there is a nice selection of interesting and beautiful necklaces and chokers at all times in our shops. It’s the little things that lift a look.

The Pavlova necklace is nice in all the right ways with a stylish jacket and dress alike. Or for example matched with a crisp white shirt?

Find unique accessories

Mareta Cape

Some of the smartest capes are the ones whose elegance resides in the quality of the material, colour and fine lines. The Mareta cape is one such cape.

This champagne-coloured tulle Mareta cape has a gold ribbon finish and fine chains at the neckline, details that do not go unnoticed, like all pieces. Combine this fascinating piece with a top and jeans, with a tank dress or as a dressing gown. Try it and you will see.

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