Lemon Yellow

We advocate dressing up in a zesty hue for summer: Lemon yellow look wonderful on sun-kissed skin.

What’s more, lemon yellow is especially pretty in linen and organza, a favourite combination of ours.

An Optimistic and Versatile Colour

Yellow is a very optimistic tone associated with laughter and happiness. No doubt that is why everybody wears yellow during the warm seasons.

Lemon yellow can be matched with neutrals such as white, beige and sand – hues in which there are many designs in our stores. Also, leather and shiny metals look wonderful with yellow.

The Classic Coat in lemon yellow with matching pants, blouse and slippers from T.ba.

Hello Yellow

Right now you can get your hands on two classic, yellow items in our online store. In fact, there are only a few items left.

We have the Classic Coat in yellow linen, which is simply like a shot of vitamin into your wardrobe. For fall, you can prolong summer, and style your coat with white or black monochrome outfits, or jeans.

The Classic coat in yellow linen.

We also have a yellow linen jacket. It bears the name Pavlova in honour of the Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova.

The jacket is a stunner with its small peplum hem in the back, and delicate, antique-styled chain details around the neck and in the back.

A Feel-Good Summer

For a feel-good summer, have a look at our lemon yellow pieces. They will add good vibes in your wardrobe and spread happiness wherever they go.

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