Let it Snow, Let it Snow! Use a Fur Stole for Elegant Winter Looks

It seems like it is more complicated to dress well in winter than in summer. As long as we’re warm, it’s easy to leave all sophistication behind. Well, it doesn’t have to be so.

Fur stoles have have always been seen on the stylish crowd. A fur stole is a classy way to keep you both comfortable and stylish, and that is why at T.ba we have some nice options for you.

How to Wear a Fur Stole?

The stole is one of those super versatile accessories: You can use the stole with casual day outfits and for glamorous nights on the town. It just depends on wether you dress it up or down.

  1. Wear it like a scarf: You can wear it tied as if it was a scarf to protect your face and neck against the cold.
  2. Wear it over one shoulder: If you are looking for a glamorous touch to your look, simply throw the stole over one shoulder. It is perfect to combine with a dress or a special occasion. And also, on top of your jacket tied underneath a belt.
  3. Wear it like a cape or shawl: Also, you can combine it as you would a cape and wrap it around yourself like a shawl.
  4. Wear it like a fur collar. Use your stole to combine with jackets and coats you already have to emulate a jacket with fur collars.

Below, a T.ba total look with a long fur stole over a turtleneck and the long gipsy skirt in paisley. Another option could be the same top, just styled with jeans. Finish the look with T.ba riding boots.

As seen here, a warm, stylish look is the stole on a wool coat. A stole will add class to a wool coat in a classic colour like camel, brown, or gray for example.

She is also wearing a dress and T.ba boots. The nice thing with this look is that the stole works equally well both outside – with the jacket – and inside – with the dress.

Fur details

Lastly, we cannot resist but to show you two more options. The Rubens short coat plays on the trend of the stole as it already has a fur collar. This is faux fur for the sake of the environment. The gold trimmed pocket details add to the jacket’s character.

And then, we have the St.Petersburg short coat, another conscious choice. This coat comes in both grey and brown and is a great addition to your countryside wardrobe.

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