Must-Have: The Bolonia

Have you started to dream about summer? We have.

A must-have for summer is’s Bolonia top. It is beautiful, light, comfortable and interesting. Whether it is used alone or under a jacket or waistcoat, it adds quality and elegance to your outfit. The Bolonia is made in crepe and comes in beige and black. A romantic, lingerie style that it is difficult to get enough of.

The beige top is nice in a monochromic white look. Match with gold accessories and white makeup for those long summer nights as seen here below.

Bella Hadid

The top is inspired by the wonderful beach close to Tarifa, Bolonia. With its huge sand dunes and clear ocean, Bolonia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Or Baelo Claudia, as it was called in antiquity, when it was a Roman settlement.

The Bolonia top also comes in black. A perfect piece to mix and match. Again, a black look with jeans and boots is ideal as a basic layer or a look in its own right.

Summer 2021

What are your plans for summer 2021? It is hard to start making solid plans yet, but we are allowed to dream.. And tonight, we will dream about Bolonia.

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