Must-have vests

Here are our must-have vests regardless the season! Whether you’re hitting the beach, going to the city or the countryside or indeed heading for the office, these are always a perfect fit.

Hit the beach with The Buleria Vest

The Buleria Vest in beige

First, we have the Buleria Vest in beige, perfect for beach clubs and summer parties. It’s elegant, dreamy, and adds a touch of sophistication to your summer style.

The Buleria vest is characterised by its long train that adds movement and fun to the outfit. Perfect for dancing the night away!

The Buleria Vest in beige

The classic

Next, we have the Vest. This is a classic that comes in several colorways, and in this season in lead, hunting green and beige linen. For the next season, they also come in tweed and wool.

This beauty adds a classic touch to your wardrobe. You can count on the vest for your plans, in both city and countryside alike. Wear it alone or over a shirt. It looks especially smart in tandem with matching pants and jackets.

The vest in lead

Your go-to piece

Lastly, we have the Medallion Waistcoat, your go-to piece for the entire year in the countryside. With its functionable details, such as the deep pockets, it offers versatility while remaining stylish. Whether you’re attending a hunt or going for a walk, this vest is pretty and comfy.

The Medallion Waiscoat

The brand’s vests

Don’t miss out on these must-have vests that effortlessly combine style and functionality for all your plans.

Our vests are among the most celebrated of the brand’s designs. Find all the vests online.

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