Tailored outerwear is our dream item at the moment. Let us just share some images of the Medallion coat, a T.ba unique piece.

It is immaculately adorned with a row of stunning golden medallions. This coat is cut from wool and finished with subtle velvet details. The satin trimmed lining makes it easy to layer.

The coat comes in a long and short silhouette. Wear yours with pride to the office or evening events.

All T.ba’s coats are inspired by the Spanish countryside. These luxury pieces will keep you snug and serve all occasions. Not only for the winter season, but for a lifetime.


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I want them alll!!!
Really they are luxury pieces, dressing all by day and night too

I have one of these coats (long) and it is my favourite piece of clothing. I want to buy another – where can I get it?

Dear Shoshana,

thank you for the lovely message! We would love to help you find a new T.ba Coat. Online we have some options, please see here: https://store.tbalife.com/coats But in the London and Madrid stores, we have more options. I will put you into contact with the main office where they would know how to help you best. All the best from Ane (blog)

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