Quiet luxury

“Quiet luxury” has become the buzz phrase of the season. Quiet luxury is characterized by exquisite materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and subtle branding. Why this is having a moment?

The Goa dress in lead

Understated elegance

“Quiet luxury” refers to a style of dressing and accessorizing that emphasizes understated elegance, focusing on quality rather than logos or patterns (loud luxury). It is about wearing timeless pieces that exude sophistication.

Brands like Loro Piana, The Row, and Ralph Lauren purple label exemplify this style. Their designs appeal to a select group of individuals who appreciate the subtlety, exclusivity and craftsmanship of these pieces.

T.ba Blouse in black and The Bolero skirt, from T.ba’s LDT Collection

Why now?

While the concept of “quiet luxury” may seem like a recent phenomenon, it has been present in the luxury world for a long time. The dichotomy between “old money” and “new money” has always been there.

However, the current uncertain climate and the post-pandemic economy, has made an understated form of luxury more appealing. In a time when showing-off is less desirable, this offers a sense of elegance, awareness and finesse that feels right at the moment.

The Ducale top in beige

Elegant essentials

At T.ba, quiet luxury is not a novel idea. On the contrary. As a small family business with a clear identity and acknowledgement of our roots, understated refinement is very much a part of the brand.

Every outfit, thoughtfully made to provide effortless elegance, suit the person who has refined preferences and an appreciation for superior craftsmanship.

Take as an example T.ba’s boots and booties, hand-made in Spain from the finest leather and stitched with a Goodyear welt construction. In our view, you don’t need ten pairs of boots, you need one good pair that goes with everything.

Buckles Boots Beige

Beauty in the details

In all three parts of the brand – T.ba, T.ba Brides and Dreaming Habits – the detail is the protagonist. Be it the aged button, an embroidered hem, the natural dyes or the red leather lining in the boots.

Quiet luxury is captivating because it focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and subtlety. While it may have gained momentum recently, we dare say it has always existed in the realm of luxury.

The Medallion vest in khaki

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