Simple and Quick Hairstyle Ideas

Simple and quick hairstyle ideas to match your look, is what we intend to give you today. These hairstyle ideas are chic, easy to make and have maximum effect. Especially nice if you are travelling somewhere warm or for summer.

Normally, we believe in a good cut, clean and loose hair as a nice match to the style of the brand. However, sometimes, we also like to put our hair up and this is how you can do it.

How to do it

With a ribbon

Create a sweet and informal, yet stylish look, with an embellished ribbon. Take two equally big parts of hair from the front and tie them with an elastic band. Tie a beautiful ribbon, maybe embellished, around this and voila, you have a chic hairdo with a 1970s feel. Wonderful styling for the coats.


Silk scarf

Bigger silk ribbons or scarfs can also be used with great effect, as shown before with a bow. Tie your pony tail with an elastic ribbon, but use the silk scarf to create a relaxed and stylish look with movement.


Hair bun

The rolled-up hair bun in the neck is a classic. It is easy to make, even though your hair has a medium length. Furthermore, you can mix it up if you are looking for a less polished look. Imagine this with either of’s jackets.


Pony tail

Make a pony tail with a twist by using the tool topsy tail. Gather the hair in a pony tail and use the tool to twist the pony tail down through the part closest to your head.

Good luck with these simple and quick hairstyle ideas!

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