Why wear sleepwear all day?

Spending the whole day at home in your pyjamas may be one of life’s greatest pleasures. With Dreaming Habits, you can do so and not give up style and elegance. Let us answer the question: Why wear sleepwear all day?

Three dream-worthy alternatives

Dreaming Habits make luxury sleepwear, nightgowns, robes and slippers in which you enjoy your home – to sleep in style yes, but also to read, write and paint inside or outside the bedroom. So, here are three dream-worthy alternatives for both night and day time.

1. A robe in eternal black

Feeling your body covered in velvet is a pleasure like few others. Made in black, the colour that best suits all hair and skin tones, the Jane robe in black velvet will make you feel like the queen of the house at all times. This is partially because its texture is as pleasant to the eye as it is to the touch.

Jane robe in black velvet

2. A divine champagne combination

For the hot women who are reluctant to put the summer pyjamas in the closet, the Lille set in georgette can be a favourite option. With a champagne hue, silk touch and cute details it is ideal for several seasons. Furthermore, the irregular cut shirt, buttoned both in the front and the back, it is an exceptional piece that you can wear in many situations, not just at home.

Dreaming Habits Lille pyjamas

3. An elegant nightgown for day dreaming

Many of us are looking to strike a balance between a street garment and a home garment. Therefore, getting your hands on an elegant nightgown will help you feel better about yourself getting started on your home office days, or on a visit to a good friend, or in a romantic setting with your partner.

Dreaming Habits Georgiana nightdress and slippers

Classy, ​​glamorous and made from 100% silk, the Georgiana nightdress in delicate pastel shades is the perfect choice for long fall and winter evenings and mornings.

To end off, to complete a dreamy and snug look, the Jane robe in velvet is an ideal combination to wear sleepwear all day.

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