Slouchy pants – Style and Comfort

Nothing quite says style, comfort and ease as slouchy pants this season.

Perhaps you have seen the trend coming for some time, from the inspiration from vintage silhouettes and suits?

So, what characterise them? The tailored high waist, voluminous silhouette, and sometimes also tight ankles. Let us show you some inspiration:

Sienna Miller looks very cool in a slouchy pant, pink kitten heels and blazer.

Lady Addict is really elegant in a sandy outfit. The earth tones, very trendy each autumn, can be combined endlessly.

Caroline Daur is an excellent example of why it is a good idea to wear slouchy pants with a turtleneck. This is a good look for the colder days to come. With heels we also think this is a great party look.

We have many ideas as to how you can wear the slouchy pants with maximum style. What do you think about this look from our latest collection?

Here it is combined with a long jacket, of which we have many this season,’s bespoke leather boots, belt, blouse, necklace, hat – in sum a complete look by Come by our shops to try everything on!

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