Slow Fashion

Slow fashion or sustainable fashion

  • is the idea that products should be long-lasting
  • are clothes made with traditional production techniques
  • means that the design is classic and season-less 

In short, slow fashion means high quality products made with great care. This implies less clothing produced because garments last for a lifetime. Obviously, it means less industrial waste for the environment. is highly committed to slow fashion. This is one of the ways contributes to a greener way of living. is inspired by the past

Cathrine the Great

There was a time when artisans made each piece individually and thus they produced them with care. We do the same. is very much inspired by the past. Especially the time before mass production with unique tailoring and pattern craftsmanship.’s creator and chief designer, Mercedes Lopez de Carrizosa is continuously researching to reinvent and create exclusive and timeless pieces for the future.


More than ever,’s current collection shows the responsibility to slow fashion. For example, many jackets and belts now have faux fur.

Rubens Jacket Velvet with faux fur belt

However, as always, makes the clothes in Spain, by local artisans and family businesses following their heritage. Every time, prefers natural fabrics, dying and methods of production. This makes each item unique.

Above you can see a complete look by for the new season. It consists of a cape of which none is identical – because of the fabric and the cut they are all different. Worn with boots, pants and turtleneck and the Tzar belt in brown. is a feeling. And a place where the past meets the present. Welcome to our universe.

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