The quintessential spring jacket: The Blazer

The trends that will reign in spring are beginning to show in the outfits of the trendsetters. Among them, one of the key piece is the quintessential spring jacket: the blazer. The blazer is a garment that never goes out of style. However, this year the trend is more strong than ever.

The Hacking Jacket in Jerez tweed

The blazer can save any clothing crisis. Whether you like an arranged style or an informal one, the blazer can be used. Its versatility and elegance makes it an essential in any feminine wardrobe, especially in spring or fall.

The Hacking Jacket in olive velvet

The blazer has been reinterpreted according to the trends and fashions of each moment, so if we had to go with one, it would be in its most classic version.

Hacking Jacket in tweed

Do you remember the history of The Hacking Jacket? If we you are looking for a jacket that stoically endures seasons and years without losing its style, this is definitely the one for you.

At, we apply the maxim of sustainability in all the senses of the word to our designs. When you buy one of your designs, we want you to be sure that you are making an investment in a timeless product. One that you can wear now and keep forever.

Hacking Jacket in brown velvet

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