Spring, Sweet Spring!

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year’s pleasant king!

Thomas Nashe (late 1500s)

These days, the Spring Summer Collection is released in T.ba’s stores in Madrid, London and online.

It is time to look forward to the warm season’s great events and invest in classic pieces that will accompany you on some of your life’s unforgettable events.

T.ba store in Madrid

One such piece is the Tiziano coat as seen below with items from the new collection released now.

T.ba SS20

The Tiziano coat is a T.ba classic. Below, it is worn with the Rania shirt and T.ba pants. Indeed, a monochromic white look and a winning combination for so many occasions. However, there are endless ways to combine it, as we will show you.

T.ba total look

The fit is very feminine. And the long tail will make you feel really special and give your look unparalleled movement and elegance.

T.ba Tiziano coat, Rania shirt, white pants

In conclusion, you can find T.ba’s stores in Madrid and London.

In short time, the online store will also be updated with the spring-summer collection. We cannot wait to show it to you!

T.ba Madrid, Calle de Lagasca, 61

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