Stylish Life in the Home Office

A stylish life in the home office is no joke. Today, gives you ideas for how to maintain a stylish life at home.

In the current situation, we want to be a window of optimism, beauty and creativity. Keep reading our blog if you want to see more. You can put on your favourite piece where you are, dream and look forward to the better times!

Professional Dressing

There are several positive effects of dressing professionally – also in the home office.

For example, improved work ethic and productivity is an immediate effect. Dressing up for work give us a feeling of normality. Another outcome is better mental health as we feel better about ourselves. A third result by dressing up is that we create a personal boundary for ourselves, signalling to the family that we are actually at work.’s many jackets are perfect for the office look. Take advice from Maria de la Lord in She has styled the Rubens jacket with white jeans and a lovely shirt.


Attention to Details

A stylish life in the home office includes paying attention to details. As shown by Olivia Palermo, adding a gold touch to her hair, is a stylish trick.


Light candles, decorate with flowers, make good coffee and tasty dishes. It will certainly make you feel better and enjoy your home office more.


Classical Music and the Arts

Listening to classical music is proven to improve life quality and productivity. Now, you can attend the world’s best orchestras’ concerts. The Berliner Philharmoniker gives you free access to their live streaming or on-demand programs from their archives.

It can also help to dig into poetry collections. The arts can help us understand ourselves and the world we live in.


No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

John Donne

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