Suit up for the holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching. Celebrations and festivity calls for something new to wear. Today we suggest that a new suit is an excellent way to update your closet and be ready for the holidays.

Timeless suits from

Ever since the great Coco Chanel endowed this style with femininity in the 50s, the jacket suit has become a favourite option for many.’s suits are timeless, elegant and flattering thanks to their fitted designs and beautiful fabrics. Here are three options from’s recent collection.

1. Total black

Black is synonymous with elegance and style. The Jazz crepe jacket and the matching Maxi pants work wonderfully on their own, but are especially nice together. Style the suit with a small accessory, such as a Tiziano choker or something made of stones, chains or feathers.

Tiziano choker

2. Pink silk velvet

If there is a fabric associated with Christmas, it is velvet. If you are looking for bright and festive colours that bring Christmas to life, here it is: The Jazz jacket in rose pink silk velvet with matching Maxi pants in the same fabric. This is well combined with a shirt in light tones.

3. Jacquard

If you are an enthusiast of a romantic style, we would recommend this option: The Jazz jacquard jacket in earth colours. Make a sophisticated look with the Gipsy vest in the same fabric and The Jazz shirt in cream satin.

When the Christmas parties are over, we see no reason why you should pack your suit away. It is perfect to wear at special events throughout the year.

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