Summer Hair Styles

Summer hair

Don’t you think it is fun to give your look new touch and to make your hair suit different situations and styles? Today we give you some options for a new summer hair styles.

There are many hair styles that are very favourable and comfortable during the warm months.

A low ponytail

Ponytails come in many variants. The finish or accessory is what makes them more or less sophisticated. Brush your hair for a polished finish and apply lacquer, a jewel, bow tie or a long scarf. A hair style that suits white coats.

High bun

This look is ideal for summer as it is humidity proof and very comfortable. An elegant company for a Tiziano jacket lux.

Wet look

A summer night with wet look is very cool. Here it is well combined with the Masai kasaka. A trick is to apply the wax or the gel with dry, well-combed hair. To collect the unruly hairs, we would give it a touch of a hairdryer. Play with the textures, for example one option is for the entire mane to have the wet effect. Another option is to go for wet look on the top and sides of the head and leave the longest part with a more natural effect.


Braids continue their heyday, especially so during summer. There are infinite possibilities to adapt braids to different types of faces. Have you tried them all? Braids with loose strands, crown-shaped braids for a romantic look, finished with a bow or scarf instead of a rubber, a highly polished braid..?

It is just a matter of trying out something new for your summer hair styles.

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