Summer sleepwear

Warmer days and nights are coming. Take advantage and get your hands on some pieces of timeless and comfortable summer sleepwear from Dreaming Habits. Made to make you dream.

Why elegant summer sleepwear?

Many neglect their appearance during the time of intimacy in the home. When, in fact, it is the best time and place to be at our most attractive! Some save the most lovely nightwear for travelling, but we would like to advocate to find and wear the sleepwear you desire, whenever you can.

Dreaming Habits Nightgown Camille

Cool and lightweight nightgowns

What is better than slipping into a lightweight nightgowns in linen on a summer night? Dreaming Habits have cool and lightweight nightgowns ready to be shipped off in beautiful wrapping. These models are in 100% linen with pretty details. For the Jane model, you can choose to have the pink or black velvet ribbon detail.

Dreaming Habits Jane nightgown

A pretty loungewear set

This loungewear set couldn’t be more comfortable. The and matching pants are both cut from breathable white linen. The Top Sun and Charlotte midi linen trousers are perfect for summer.

Dreaming Habits The Top Sun and Charlotte midi linen trousers

Dream Land

Where sunless rivers weep
Their waves into the deep,
She sleeps a charm├Ęd sleep:
Awake her not.
Led by a single star,
She came from very far
To seek where shadows are
Her pleasant lot.

Christina Rossetti

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