T.ba and Chelsea in Bloom

T.ba takes part in the annual floral art show “Chelsea in Bloom” between the 20th – 25th May 2019. To many, us included, this marks the beginning of summer in London.

T.ba, with its store at 261 Pavilion Road, participates for the 5th consecutive year. Certainly, we are very excited about 2019’s theme: Under the Sea. Indeed, we will show you the final display soon.

Today, we would like to share with you some photos from the archive of the previous years’ flower displays:

Summer love

In 2018, the theme was summer love and T.ba’s store was brimming with sweet and romantic details. For example, in the window and interior as seen below.

Window display

T.ba was honoured to receive the silver medal from the expert panel in the competition for its 2018 display.


2016’s theme was carnival – evoking a sense of fun and playful topic. Consequently, the display was colourful with a historic touch.

Fairy tale

Fairy tale was the topic in 2015 – playing on ideas of wonder and myths, a perfect back-drop for T.ba’s beautiful fabrics and colours.

In conclusion, we welcome everyone to Chelsea and T.ba’s store to see the marvellous and artistic expressions all around this week.

Chelsea in Bloom is the world’s largest floral art show and it takes place in the prestigious neighbourhood of Chelsea.

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