T.ba Presents: The Morgana Coat

Utterly flattering, the Morgana Long Coat will be an essential in any wardrobe, regardless of your body type, height, and how you normally dress. The Morgana coat is all about style. The future you will thank you for investing in a piece like this.

The Morgana Coat in White

The Morgana Coat in white can be used in formal and informal situations. For example, you can chose to wear it with denim in the basic colours.

To channel the Scandinavian minimalist style, the white shade will sit beautifully alongside neutral hues like tan, sand and oatmeal. These hues will be strong in the forthcoming season, as you soon will see.

The Morgana Coat is also lovely company worn over a dress. And, paired with the smart pants, in white or caramel for example, you simply can’t go wrong. Its lines are clean and shapely.

The Morgana Lux Coat

The Morgana coat also comes in a lux, limited version. The caramel coat is made in sharkskin and has the same exquisite cut. However, it also has beaded details on the shoulders which make your look very sophisticated.

The Morgana Coat

The Morgana coats have an elegant detail with the slit in the back. This adds a touch of lightness and movement.

The material in both coats is called sharkskin and is made from twisted viscose yarn that has just enough weight so that it drapes beautifully. The feeling of the fabric is smooth and almost slippery so that it doesn’t wrinkle. Therefore, it is also very convenient to bring along on travels. It will also keep its shape for a long time.

The Influencers

Take a style note from MarĂ­a Garrado who combines a white coat with palazzo pants and a turtleneck top

Or Celine Aagaard in white coat, mini skirt and contrasting boots.

Caroline de Maigret shows how the coat in a caramel hue is perfect with a black ensemble.


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I own the Morgana sharkwhite coat and was hoping to find the smart pants in white that matches. Can you help me find/purchase them? Thank you for any help you can give me.
Ann Stern

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