T.ba Guide to a Good Time

Do you want some ideas for how to pass the time in a creative and delightful way? This is the T.ba guide to a good time.

1. Build the Ideal Wardrobe



Have a wardrobe detox with your eyes on the essentials. T.ba’s essentials are

  1. a shirt
  2. the hacking jacket
  3. jeans
  4. tall boots
  5. the classic coat

Do you have what you need to build the ideal wardrobe? Make a list of what you need. We advice you to make wise choices for your wardrobe essentials with sustainable, long-lasting materials and classical cuts in mind.

2. Plan to Visit Us



Plan a chic escape for the future. We can recommend our London guide or the LV guide to Madrid. All of our shops are small T.ba worlds in their own right. We will love to show them to you.

In Madrid, you will find T.ba in several places. Our flagship store in Lagasca 61 is situated in the most chic neighbourhood with other nice shops and restaurants.

T.ba’s shops in El Corte Ingles offer every season’s collections and at special times, models from previous collections.

3. Call on a Château



Nowadays, when we cannot visit each other or travel around, let us try something else. We can see why the editors in Vogue are dreaming about social-isolation in les beautiful French châteaux.

Can you picture yourself dressed in a full T.ba ensemble here? We can!

4. Decorate Your Home Office



Why not decorate your home office by making an inspirational wall? It’s very easy. Just cut out images you like from old magazines. Tape small images on larger ones. The wall will be nice above your desk for example.

Our advice is to make a mood board with happy colours these days. A nice idea is to bring some nature in and tape a dried flower on the images.

5. Listen to the T.ba Playlist



As you will soon discover, dance will take center stage in the T.ba universe. Meanwhile, we would like to share an inspirational playlist with you. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading. Stay healthy, keep your distance and look ahead!

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