T.ba by Lucía Bárcena

Today, we share with you the Spanish influencer Lucía Bárcena in T.ba. Bárcena is pure style. She has an innate elegance that has made her one of the key reference accounts on Instagram. Simplicity is one of the characteristics of her style. However, no matter how simple the garment may seem, she has a special way to mix it up and thus make a spectacular look. Let us show you.

With a large army of followers, the Galician is one of the influencers of the moment in Spain. Her healthy lifestyle, her contagious joy and her chic looks, with a lot of character, make up for a lot of her popularity. We love Lucía Bárcena. And, now that we have seen her choices of T.ba clothes there is no going back, she has completely conquered us!

Lucía Bárcena in T.ba

Look 1

In the first look, she is wearing the Bolonia top in beige and the Gipsy vest in copper velvet. Two wonderful and sophisticated pieces that form a perfect tandem. She combines them with wide, beige pants and the Queen choker that really elevates the look.

Lucía Bárcena con top y chaleco de T.ba
A perfect look for a dinner or date
The Queen choker

Look 2

Another of Lucía Bárcena’s favourites from T.ba is the striped Tiziano top, with a one-shoulder cut, an ideal garment to wear on special occasions with dressy trousers and for more casual events with your favourite jeans.

Lucía Bárcena con top de T.ba
Lucía in the Tiziano top combined with smart pants in cupro

Lucía Bárcena combines the top with the smart pants in khaki cupro, a material that ensures maximum comfort and the perfect tightness. Both of these pieces are now on sale in the online store.

What do you think of Lucía Bárcena’s choices? You can also see Eugenia Osborne’s favourite pieces from T.ba.

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