T.ba spring-summer 2022 – the collection

Discover the first drop of T.ba’s spring-summer 2022 collection which evokes a walk along the seaside and the marine flora.⁠

For spring-summer 2022, we are heading to the sea

T.ba’s spring-summer 2022 collection is an ode to the richness and beauty of the Spanish coast. Specially to the landscape and sea around Zahara, a small town in the south of Spain. 

On this town’s beaches, the elements are protagonists: The sun, the air and the water. It’s fine sand and crystal clear water reflect the light. 

T.ba Bahari top in chiffon and matching Zoe skirt in arabesque green.

A new palette and new shapes

The colour palette flows from bougainvillea pink to turquoise, from pure white to sandy beige. And the materials celebrate the cheerful diversity and shapes that exist in the sea and on the beach. 

The collection is bursting with optimism and beauty. It features, as always, both bold and feminine silhouettes. As of right now, the collection is out and can be found in our stores, including the online store where items are dropped continuously.

T.ba Swing jacket in linen and matching York pants
T.ba Gypsy vest in bougainvillea pink.

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