T.ba’s Star Garment in Paloma’s Wedding Dress

A Wedding with Beautiful Details

The bride had made a very special selection of garments to create a unique bridal look. A wedding dress with transparencies, organza silks, and, of course, accessories and jewellery borrowed and gifted with much love.

Today, we show you Paloma Urquijo’s wedding dress.

© Casilda se casa / Fotografía: @walthersantafe

A Dream Wedding

The event was held in a small chapel with 30 people – the closest family and friends.

The bride found it difficult to find the ideal dress. So she chose elements that made her feel comfortable. The confinement did not stop her to find the right pieces. First, a silk skirt that gave her movement, and then, a top with puffed ruffles made with T.ba’s silk organza.

There is no doubt that this bride’s style is elegant, subtle and very natural. So natural, even the bouquet was made with fresh flowers from the garden. A dream!

© Casilda se casa / Fotografía: @walthersantafe

T.ba’s Wedding Top

The star garment, T.ba’s top, was made even more special. In addition to showing off the transparencies of the fabric, she added a brooch that her grandmother gave her. Something, without which, she could not say “yes, I do”.

© Casilda se casa / Fotografía: @walthersantafe

If you like T.ba, you will know that fluid and elegant garments are our strength. Just as Paloma wore this top like no one else, you can find pieces with us all your special occasions.

Visit our stores and find your ideal garment. Maybe you will find something for your future wedding dress or your dress as a wedding guest?

© Casilda se casa / Fotografía: @walthersantafe

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